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SXSW: Meat Rubs the Great Danes of Kashmir the Right Way

There are way too many bands at SXSW to catch even a small percentage of the good ones. If you were at Antone's this afternoon, you're good to go, because Danish rockers Kashmir played a 25 minute set that reminded anyone in the room why it pays to show up in Austin in the Spring. A little like the polished, symphonic turns found on Doves albums without Coldplay's obvious pandering.

Although these guys have been together for almost 20 years, and even though they've got a sold out gig at the Mercury Lounge coming up next week, way too few people know about them in the States, something that makes just no fucking sense at all. Particularly because not only are they a great band, they all love meat.

Before the show at Antone's they sat backstage and argued about whether or not red, white, or no wine belonged in traditional Hungarian goulash, talked about how to make "love meatballs", which are guaranteed (so they say) to get anyone into the sack, and shared the best place in Copenhagen to cop shawarma (Sharwarma Grill House 1980).

More to come on these guys after tonight's rooftop show at Maggie Mae's but if you love meat-eating bands that give a shit about their craft and write great music, go grab No Balance Palace immediately and pray to whatever you pray to that they release their latest record, Trespassers, in the States as soon as possible.

-- Bradford Schmidt

Check out "Mouthful of Wasps" after the jump.

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