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SXSW: Bradford Schmidt Meats (Not a Typo) We Were Promised Jetpacks' Drummer Darren Lackie

There have been some not-so-pleasant things said in the past about the Levi's/Fader Fort at SXSW, like that the lines are long, it's too corporate, whatever. But you can't deny that it's a damn good venue. It's covered, so you don't get crushed by the heat, you can buy barbecue from Salt Lick instead of crappy microwaved burritos, and the lineup can be pretty epic.

As epic as it gets, though, Wednesday afternoon things peaked early when Scottish band We Were Promised Jetpacks absolutely slayed it for 25 minutes, playing four scrappy post-punk songs from their album These Four Walls, and one from the EP they released in the US last week, The Last Place You'll Look.

In an interview after the show, we got drummer Darren Lackie to talk about... sausage: "It's my favorite thing in the whole world."

When asked if he's talking bangers or ground, his eyes got the kind of far-away look usually reserved for thoughts about true love: "Square, flat sausage - ground. And maybe it's not my favorite thing in the world, I sometimes exaggerate, but I do love it. "

Liar. It's clearly his favorite thing -- and he comes down on the pork side of the whole cow/pig debate, for those interested. "I love em both, but I favor pig. I fucking love pulled pork."

We all do, laddy, we all do. More on the WWPJ show and the interview with Lackie coming later.

-- Bradford Schmidt

Watch the "Quiet Little Voices" video below:

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