Sweat Records Robbed... Again

Jesus H. Christ! Perhaps it's about time that Sweat Records owner Lauren Reskin called upon a santero to do a limpieza (washing) at the store. It has been stricken with bad luck since its inception. From hurricanes to AC failures to robberies, Sweat has seen it all.

So is it any surprise that the shop was broken into again over the weekend? We wish we could say it is, but not really. Even Reskin sounded a bit dejected when she blogged Sunday saying, "Sigh. We got broken into again Saturday night/Sunday morning."

"Jason [Jimenez] and I were at the store late chopping fruit and preparing for Sunday's Waffle Party," Reskin told Crossfade by email. "We locked up around 12:30 a.m. and went next door for the Jacuzzi Boys and Psychic Mirrors show."

She reports that the damage wasn't as bad as the last burglary back in September 2008. But the SweatShopMiami online store is down since the iMac that was the base for it was taken.

"They took our iMac and cash register and some other electronics. They must have known exactly what they wanted because they ran straight in and made a beeline for the front counter," she says. "Thank the universe that this time they left our fish tank alone. In the '08 break-in, it was smashed for no reason."

"The police dusted for fingerprints and we've received a tip. But as of yet, nothing's been recovered."

Instead of feeling sorry for Sweat, though, go out and show your support Saturday at Sweatstock. Spending some cash at the store is the best way you can help Reskin and the crew.

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