Suénalo and Spam Allstars Lead a Festival of Freaks at Transit This Saturday

Happy Halloween, party peeps! Sure, it may not be for another two days, but who gives a damn? You can celebrate that mofo all weekend long. And if a full 72 hours of drunken costumed debauchery is in fact what you seek, Transit Lounge is willing to lend a hand to that worthy endeavor.

And what a hand they're lending. Tomorrow night's Halloween Festival of Freaks promises to be epic, because they've lined up two of Miami's heavy hitters, Suénalo and Spam Allstars.

These two seminal Miami bands have been credited with pioneering our city's distinct sound. They've been going strong for the past decade, lighting up clubs both locally and abroad with their unique fusions and turbocharged descargas. The real question is whether or not Transit can handle all that awesome in one night?

DJ Le Spam has his reservations about Transit's structural integrity versus a jammy-jam of this caliber, though. "It can't contain that much get-down," he says. "So one of the bands will be set up outside!"

But even though it might be too much get-down for the building, Suenalo's Amin De Jesus feels assured the crowd will step up to the challenge. "In any other city, I'd say no. But here in Miami, I'm certain they will find the strength to endure the extreme cardio workout Saturday night will be."

The frontman goes on to say, "Spam Allstars have always been like brothers (and sister) to us, so it's always an honor and all love to share a night with them."

The party also has all sorts of other tricks and treats, like a haunted house, a horror movie premier by Creature Productions, and even a costume contest.

"I'll be wearing my traditional pumpkin t-shirt," says Le Spam. "Unless I get real inspired real soon."

Meanwhile, De Jesus is keeping tight-lipped. "Well, If I told you...I'd have to get you really drunk and hope you forgot the next day. But I will give you a hint. I'll be playing with my beard and laughing villainously all night."

Halloween Festival of Freaks starring Suénalo and Spam Allstars. Saturday, October 30. Transit Lounge, 729 SW First Ave., Miami.

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