Suenalo and Lanzallamas Play Together at Transit Lounge Tomorrow Night

Yes, you read that right. Suenalo and Lanzallamas Monofonica are going to be laying down the nasty on the same stage at Transit Lounge tomorrow night. How the hell is that stage going to handle so much energy? Good question.

How's Transit going to contain the over the top descarga that's likely to ensue, the mass of moving, dancing, booty-shaking bodies and the sea of people throttling the bar to cool off with a cold one? Better question still.

Honestly, we have no idea. But we love this booking just for the structural challenges the venue faces in keeping the roof overhead in this shindig.

We don't have to tell you that Suenalo are the purveyors of one of the most booty-shaking sounds in the city. After all, they don't call it Afro-Latin-Baby-Makin'-Descarga-Funk for nothing. And what can we say about Lanzallamas that we didn't in that great big feature story? Oh wait...that hasn't come out yet. [Shameless plug warning] Keep an eye out for it in the next few weeks. This is one of Miami's best live acts, and they've got some very big plans coming to fruition in the near future. Meanwhile, suffice it to say that their world music amalgam takes the term fusion to a whole new level.

This is going to be one hell of a party. And, as always at Transit, it's going to be no cover. Add to that some reasonably priced drinks and you've got the makings of an epic jammy jam right here.

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