Steam Miami Launches Lot 14: "A Small Amphitheater" for "Music, DJs, Day Parties"

Ain't no party like a lot party.

That's why Russ Bruce and the crew over at Steam Miami and Railroad Blues are launching Lot 14, an outdoor music space smack in the heart of downtown, officially opening March 1.

"It's more of an industrial vibe," Bruce says of the new venue, located on the NE Miami Court block of NE 14th Street, right behind his two other clubs.

When he and his business partner, Anthony Moretti, opened Steam Miami and Railroad Blues last year, they had plans to open a third venue, the Backyard, where open-air concerts could be staged.

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"We changed the name to Lot 14 — lot signifying the unit of measure and 14 being 14th street," Bruce explains.

"There are cargo containers arranged in a triangle, kinda like a small amphitheater. It helps contain the sound and has a nice acoustic vibe."

Though the name has changed, the concept remains the same.

“The purpose is to be able to have a full-on mini-fest, with three different venues on one property and host daytime parties outdoors. Lot 14 will have live music, DJs, whatever the night presents.”

Bruce adds: "We have parties for Winter Music Conference." (Among them, Reboot's Noon daytime rager, Picnic for Misfits with Matt Tolfrey, and Steve Lawler.) "But when that goes away, I still wanna be able to host parties with the same type of idea."

He also points out that though Lot 14 is a separate venue, the space also makes it possible to bring even larger events to Steam and Railroad Blues.

“We can use it wherever we see an opportunity. If we wanna host twice as many people, now we have an extra spot to be able to do so.”

While Lot 14 will enclose a portion of the patio at Steam, the back bar will remain untouched.

"For the most part, we'll leave a section of the patio [open] for people at Steam and [for] food. There will always be access to food. All three venues can hit the food no matter what."

Unlike Steam and Railroad Blues, however, Lot 14 will be open only “during the day for Saturday and Sunday parties,” Bruce says.

"I'm not gonna have it open every night," Bruce clarifies. "It'll either have its own event going on that day or will be [held] in [conjunction] with another. Most times, it'll stand on its own. I wanna get into hosting daytime parties, especially pool parties during the summer.

"I don't like to put parameters," he summarizes. "But I can offer people value. You have three different options of venues in one location. Instead of having to bounce around, you can entertain everybody."

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PillowTalk. Celebrating the launch of Lot14 with Baez, Diego, Lou Flores, Donnie Lowe, Richy, and Ohashi. Sunday, March 1. Lot14, 30 NE 14th St., Miami. The party runs from 1 to 11 p.m., and tickets cost $10 plus fees via residentadvisor.net. Call 786-516-3393, or visit steammiami.com. Ages 21 and up.

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