Steam Miami: "It's Very Interactive. We Embrace All Fetishes"

"As water boils and changes form, you'll come here one way and leave another."

That whole transformational nightclub experience is what industry vets Russ Bruce and Anthony Moretti hope to create when they open the Magic City's first performance-driven party hall, Steam Miami on August 14.

From the industrial steam pipe that releases puffs of smoke onto NE 14th Street to "secret rooms," a metal-beaded curtained catwalk that circulates the club, and giant chains that hang from the ceiling, everything about Steam encompasses an element of surprise.

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Located in the former Vagabond space, Bruce and Moretti take pride in their 10,000-square-foot "part nightclub, part theater, part live entertainment" venue.

"It's very interactive," says Bruce. "The team has total creative control to interact with the crowd."

By "team," Bruce is referring to the housewives, nuns, butlers, and the rest of the characters that charm the crowd with their impromptu revues and wild props, including a plastic turkey.

"We embrace all fetishes," he laughs. "As the night goes on, the performance gets edgier. No one person will have the same experience twice."

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