SpaceGhostPurrp and Nardwuar Rate Miami's Strip Clubs, From Coco's to KOD

"Holy fucking shit ... Is this Meshuggah?"

That's how Carol City creep rapper SpaceGhostPurrp reacts when Canadian weirdo interviewer Nardwuar bestows a fine slab of Swedish metal upon him.

Why? Because SGP is the rare hip-hopper with a deep and abiding fanaticism for dark and heavy death-obsessed rock. "This shit just get me in my mood ... I wanna shove [Meshuggah] up someone's ass right now."

Of course, though, it ain't all about extreme tuneage. Because Purrp and 'Wuar also talk Raider Klan, Danzig tees, and 305 bass. Homies even rate Miami's strip clubs.

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No shocker, SpaceGhostPurrp is a big fan of Club Lexx.

"Yeah," SpaceGhostPurrp answers with a smirk. "It's right off 27th Avenue if you can't find it, right in Opa Locka, Miami. So if you're looking for that shit, get your ass over there and throw some money bitch."

Curiously, though, Nardwuar seems to be better acquainted with Little Haiti's Take One Lounge than SGP. "Where the fuck is that?" the Raider Klan capo asks. "I wanna find it."

"Take One also has a Fat Man's BBQ outside of it," the Human Serviette explains.

"We need to find it. And get some."

Even when it comes to titty bar food, Purrp's got some tips.

"I like to eat barbecue chicken and watch strippers shake their fucking ass. That's beautiful."

As for safety, it's all about common sense. So while SGP admits "Coco's is the shit," he warns novices: "If you don't wanna get shot in there, don't go in there acting stupid. Just go in, be quiet, and just watch some girls shake their ass."

Finally, y'all better bring cash money. Especially to KOD.

"If you're broke as fuck, do not go in King of Diamonds," SpaceGhostPurrp emphatically insists. "Please go in there with some fuckin' money. Because those bitches will not shake their fake asses in your face."

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