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Space Between Words Kickoff "Crazy As a Fox" Music Video Contest

Were you at Fox's Lounge last night? I'm not asking because you look like crap this morning. (Not strictly speaking, anyway.) I only ask because if you were, you no doubt caught one of Miami's biggest current buzz bands, Space Between Words, throwing it down live.

And if you were, in fact, at the show last night, then you're privy to a very cool contest the band has launched with SESAC's backing ... Namely, the "Crazy as a Fox" Music Video Contest, which definitely couldn't have been launched at a better locale.

The contest offers local filmmakers, students, and "creative peeps" the opportunity to direct the band's new music vid.

"We already had an idea for the video," says frontman Steven Weingarth. "But it would be great to give someone a chance that can help their goals and career just like others have done for us."

Basically, if you want a chance to put on a director's beret and lead the visual charge of Space Between Words' new music video for "Crazy as a Fox," all you need to do is submit your idea. That idea can be relayed in a draft script, storyboard, video of the concept, full video, and perhaps even ice sculpture. Just be sure to convey your vision as clearly as you possibly can, because the guys will be reviewing their options up in the Space Lab beginning today and ending December 16, when they'll announce the winner of the contest during a show at Electric Pickle.

The completed video will be debuted at a SESAC showcase starring Space Between Words that's set to take place in late January. For full deets, head over to the Space Between Words Video Contest Facebook page.

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