Skrillex' Good Times With Chance the Rapper, Zeds Dead, Ten Others - Wynwood, Miami

Good Times, Day Two

With Skrillex, What So Not, Chance the Rapper, Zeds Dead, Amtrac, Jack Beats, Annie Mac, and others

Wynwood, Miami

Thursday, March 27, 2014

When Skrillex chatted with Crossfade earlier this week about his two-day Good Times block party, the Grammy-winning DJ said he "wanted to do something outside of the typical Miami WMC week ... something different, backyard style, where it felt like a party ... not really about production or anything else -- just the music."

And that's exactly what he and the rest of the OWSLA and Poplife crew brought to Wynwood last night.

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When we arrived in the 'Wood, Annie Mac was finishing up her 30-minute set.

There were Mike's Hard Lemonade beach balls flying everywhere while girls in neon bikinis, floral headbands, and pink furry boots were dancing on the grassy area in front of the stage.

The rest of the evening's party animals tossed balls and swung golf clubs during a round of beer pong and mini golf, taking a break from all the ragin' to play games, chill in a hammock, chow down on arepas, pinchos, jerk chicken, and chug some free Mike's and moonshine from the VIP section.

"I'm leaving you in good hands with Amtrac and Jack Beats," announced Mac, "but not without leaving you with the message of love."

And then the crowd began moving their feet and waving their hands to a remix of Prince's "I Wanna Be Your Lover."

By the time Amtrac and Jack Beats took the stage, the Good Timers had turned wild.

Looking 'round, everyone was throwing down. Some dude in a fake beard wearing a sheikh outfit. Girls (and even guys) in pink and blue wigs. And a hardcore bro with two gold chains dangling from his neck.

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    But it was Zeds Dead who really got the party people raging.

    Running right on schedule, that meant Skrillex, What So Not, and Chance the Rapper were just an hour away from tearing down the place.

    "Make some fucking noise!," they yelled. "Zeds Dead. Make some noise. Let's go!"

    The DJs brought on the ear attack, which led to a group of giddy, shirtless guys dancing on top of one another and bumping bare chests with their fellow bros.

    In an intense circle of jumping and fist-pumping, these dudes were killing it to some new tracks from Tommy Trash, a remix of Rich Homie Quan, and Zeds Dead own trap hit, "Ratchet."

    Zack Rapp-Rovan and Dylan Mami gave the crowd just the right amount of energy that they needed to welcome Skrillex and What So Not to the stage.

    "My name is Skrillex," he said, as if an introduction was necessary. "Let's make some noise! Lemme see those hands in the air!"

    The crowd nearly lost all sanity as he spun "Bangarang," which later transitioned to The Lion King's "Circle of Life." Sure, it was kinda random, but the crowd loved it.

    The two threw in "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites," a mash up of DJ Kool's "Let Me Clear My Throat" and Biggie's "Hypnotize," and "some new shit," which the ravers were really digging, partaking in some intense fist-pumping and head-rolling.

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    While the vibe and music was on point, we have to admit to anxiously awaiting for Chance the Rapper to make his appearance all night.

    We lost track of time. It wasn't until 10:30 p.m. (only a half-hour before the end of the night) that we noticed Chance had yet to show face. And then, with only 10 minutes to spare, the music paused and Skrillex took the mic.

    "I want you guys to lose control and get turnt up with me," he said. "Let's turn the lights down. I've got a special guest for you."

    As the bright lights shone upon the stage, there was Chance, in the middle of a flash mob, with people dressed as a cow, shark, cheetah (and even Skrillex as a lion) rapping to "Coast Is Clear."

    Having expected to hear more than just one song from Chance, we were slightly disappointed. However, it was still the wild and awesome Chance we all know and love.

    As Skrillex, Chance, and the rest of the animals on stage danced to one last song, Toto's "Africa," (Skrillex must have a thing for wildlife), the Good Times came to an end.

    "We wanted to do something different that's not South Beach," announced Skrillex. "Something with backyard vibes, good people, and good food. Thanks Miami for making it happen."

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