Six Questions with Jose Flores of The Getback

Jose Flores has been a fixture of the Miami punk rock scene since his outfit Pin Kai caused a stir in the leather jacket rockers of the mid-90's. From there he went on to involvement with a myriad of bands (Pretend Milk, Rerun, Disney Violence, The Surf and Rock Dudes), some that recorded and gigged, some that never left the living room. In more recent developments, he became the local sensation known as Jose El Rey (which will be the subject of another interview in the future), but for the last decade he's been better known as the front-man of The Getback, a band that blends the better rock and roll elements of pop punk with a savvy knowledge of guitar-driven music.

New Times: First off, who are you, where do you come from and where do you go from here?

Jose Flores: We are The Getback and we come from Miami by way of Cuba and Argentina, we go where there are free snacks, amps to use and wherever there's fun.

Please describe for us the formation of The Getback, from its origins as Corky, the personnel and the moment in time that it has experienced in the South Florida music scene.

Juan Manuel Rotulo and I had played in an early version of Disney Violence, so when Danny Palacios and I started talking about forming a pop punk band I knew I wanted Juan to be our drummer; Gus Rod Gonzalez was always hanging out at our practices, he is an excellent guitarist and I'm kind of shitty, so we asked him to join. The name Corky came from us just lobbing terrible band names back and forth at each other and it stuck. Some of us joined "bigger" bands and toured with them, Juan with Glasseater and me with The Crumbs, those tours were wake-up calls. These bands that we look up to, that are loved locally, have records on pretty big indie labels, struggle to make ends meet on the road; it sort of made us want to take Corky more seriously, so we became The Getback to not sound so retarded.

Of course, now, years later, we realize the most important thing in music, is the fun of making and playing the music loud. The name The Getback didn't mean much at first, but the years have shown us it's an appropriate name for us, no matter what's going on in our lives (i.e. accounting, Maxim-editing, roquenrolling, Jose el Reying) we always "get back" with each other and we always love it when we do.

After this upcoming "reunion" show, what does the future hold for the outfit? Recordings? What's up with the CD, is it still available? iTunes?

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The future for us is very clear, whenever we're all in town, we're gonna play. We've written a handful of new tunes, Livid Records has expressed interest, so hopefully we'll get to record these soon. We have a few CDs left, we'll have them at the show and as far as iTunes, we're getting a digital discography up there soon.

What has been your most pleasurable experience with this band? The most sensual?

The most pleasurable was in 2006, playing to 300+ people at Churchill's who were all singing along and going crazy, and we were just up there having a blast not trying to become famous. Another one was going into the studio last September, with no practice and recording the song "Mean To Be Mean" in a couple of takes, it was the easiest session ever, and the song came out perfect, without even trying. Most sensual? That would be our 2002 tour; a few of us went missing and were returned by lady strangers.

What Getback track would you have blasting whilst ripping off the side-view mirrors off Porsche's and why?

"No Tomorrow." If one's gonna rip mirrors off of a car, it must be ruthless and there's gotta be no room for fear of consequences.

Do you have any sage advice for our young readers? Any parting words?

If you're in a band, and you're not having fun, stop.

Below is a video recently shot by G.I. Holmz of their new track, "Mean to be Mean." G.I. Holmz has been documenting The Getback since their inception and you can catch some live footage of the band on his YouTube page.

The Getback with Beings at 8:30 pm on Saturday, June 26th at Sweat Records, 5505 NE 2nd Ave., Miami. This is a free show. Call 786-693-9309 or visit www.sweatrecordsmiami.com.

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