Sigmund Floyd, In the Pink at Van Dyke Tonight

You might well be one of a large constituency who's already had in reserve your tickets to one of Roger Water's two shows this November 13 and 14 at the BankAtlantic Center for a few months now. Hell, you might be one of those who's diligently procured some sort of psychedelic, be it a bag of 'shrooms or something these days more exotic and harder to come by, and squirreled it away just to be sure you're in the right "frame of mind" when the centerpiece of the epic band brings this celebration of one of rock's most groundbreaking and iconic albums to the stage in his The Wall Live tour. If so, we applaud your moxie.

But you don't need to be tripping balls to enjoy the music of Pink Floyd. And you don't need to wait until November to get a damn good taste of it in a live setting. Thanks to local band Sigmund Floyd (no, he's not Pink's less edgy cousin), you can enjoy some very respectable live covers of some of the band's biggest hits Upstairs at the Van Dyke tonight. And it won't run you but the cost of whatever libations you choose consume. "Money," "Time," "Wish You Were Here," "Have a Cigar," you name it, if it's one of Pink Floyd's big ones, you'll hear it at this show.

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