Shroud Eater Brings Good Metal to Wynwood Tonight

It's no secret that we're big fans of Shroud Eater and we completely resent their criminal lack of recorded goodies for us to enjoy. Last year's EP has done a good job of keeping us entertained. But we are gonna need a full-length effort soon!

Until then, we'll have to binge on the live version. And thanks to a double-booking incident at the Monterey Club, the gals and dude of Shroud Eater have decided to relocate tonight's gig to the band's Wynwood rehearsal space.

Man, we love intimate shows and keeping it old-school ... The admission price is three bucks, which includes a shot at the keg. (But the BYOB thing is encouraged.) You'll also catch Atlanta's Sons of Tonatiuh and Jacksonville's awesome power-pop-death-lounge duo Hollow Leg

Though known for its art scene and burgeoning bars, Wynwood is a bit of a pain in the ass when it comes to parking. So make sure that you park along the sidewalk on First Court and not in private lots because your ass will get towed. Nobody wants that.

Shroud Eater with Sons of Tonatiuh and Hollow Leg on Friday, January 7 at Beelzebub's Cave, 164 NW 20th Street. $3, BYOB. For additional information, visit

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Abel Folgar