Shock and The Stage Open, Travis McCoy Performs, and SET Sao Paolo Announced

The weekend is upon us, and with it comes a slew of nightlife shenanigans. Many Miamians will be dancing to the beats of the Miami Music Festival, while others may just want to keep to the same nightlife shit-shooting.

For those of you in latter category, some club shit to shoot this weekend includes the grand opening of Shock, the soft opening of The Stage, and a little Travie McCoy.

Check out the agenda after the jump.

Shock Opens on Miami Beach Tonight
You have to admit, there is nothing like a little shocker. And this weekend Julien Manival is giving it to you Parisian style. The latest spot to hit Washington Avenue brings sounds from DJ Nico de Andrea and DJ N'dy. Cocktails and such begin at 9 p.m. and they request an RSVP to [email protected]

SET Sao Paolo Will Open in 2011
This offspring of the Opium Group had New Times in a twisted love/hate relationship when it won "Best Dance Club" in 2009's Best of Miami. Now the trendy SET will head over seas to hang out with those beautiful Brazilians. No official details have been announced other than the opening taking place sometime next year. But we are sure you can expect some sick decor and major DJ lineups.

The Stage Soft Opens Tonight
Shameless Plug: There is this really awesome publication having a party at The Stage tonight with bands like Teepee and Lil Daggers performing. It's free and open to the public after 11 p.m. It is, of course, all the more reason to check out this New Orleans-inspired venue. And yes, we are very much aware that Shock is opening on the same night. But in true Miami fashion, we are confident you'll figure it out.

Travis McCoy Performs at the DGK Skateboard Release Party at B.E.D. on Friday, November 12
It is pretty clear that Travie McCoy loves Miami. In August, he made an appearance at LIV for 944's party, shot a video here with T-Pain in July, and will be back in December at Louis Bar-Lounge. In the meantime, he'll be hanging with Cool & Dre and DGK Skateboards at B.E.D.

Joe Torry Hosts the Miami Music Fest After Party at Sobe Live, Saturday, November 13
After performing at the venue during the Emerging Artists Showcase early that night, Joe Torry will host the after party with DJ Kool G and D1 MC.

Aaron Reid Turns 21 at Play, Friday, November 12
Remember that kid from MTV's My Super Sweet 16? You know, L.A. Reid's son? It was that little episode where Diddy showed up and Kanye West performed. Well, that little guy turns 21 on Friday with a party at Play. The guest list is rumored to include Kanye West, Akon, Rick Ross, and T-Pain. No big deal.   


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Liana Lozada