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Fridays and Saturdays, Grass

Like Franco V during much of the week, Stan Kolev provides soulful house sounds for the moneyed loungers who occupy Grass. But before you dismiss him as a human jukebox for rich people, note that he brings a solid pedigree to his prime weekend slot. As a producer, he's worked with fellow European house titans Chicco Secci and Ivano Bellini. But his longest collaboration is with Olivier Berger; as Casa Flava, they have landed tracks on major DJ compilations such as Renaissance: The Masters Series. Kolev is a reminder that few DJs earn a significant berth in this competitive marketplace without some noteworthy experience.

1. Kings of Tomorrow, 6PM (Defected)

2. Gadjo, So Many Times (Steve Angello's Moody remix) (Ambassade)

3. Full Intention, Once In A Lifetime (Dtension)

4. Deepest Blue, Shooting Star (Full Intention remix) (Ministry of Sound)

5. Kings of Tomorrow, Through (Junior Jack remix) (Defected)

6. Dylan Rhymes, Salty (Kingsize)

7. Jose Nunez, Bilingual (Subliminal)

8. Mariah Carey, Last Night The DJ Saved My Life (Seamus Haji remix) (white label)

9. Mylo, Drop the Pressure (Breastfed)

10. Born to Funk, Di Bamba (Kneedeep)

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