Seasunz' Facebook Page Finally Taken Down Last Night (Screen Grabs Inside)

The entire tawdry story of DJ Seasunz, who was arrested yesterday and charged with second degree murder in the death of his 18-year-old-girlfriend, Jaclyn Torrealba, has a 21st-century technology flair. After Torrealba first went missing from Club Space in the wee hours of Sunday morning, her friends and loved ones took to Facebook and Twitter to plea for information on her whereabouts. And on Monday morning, the tragic news of her death spread across those sites hours before the media (like us) could confirm details with police.

So it's not surprising that people took to Facebook again to vent their anger with the 30-year-old Seasunz, whose real name is Juan Carlos Portieles. Most were only able to find his DJ-related fan page, whose membership is public, and which had been largely inactive previously. His personal page, though, of course remained accessible only to his "friends," many of whom, they revealed, thought he was a creep from the start. 

That personal page was deactivated some time last night, but not before aggrieved and disgusted acquaintances took to his wall as a virtual gathering place. Here are some redacted screen grabs, taken yesterday afternoon, after the jump. 

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