Scott Storch Arrested for Cocaine ... Again

As subtly alluded to via our front page illustration (see right), the Storch story involves a shit-ton of drugs.

Not just any drugs, mind you. He wasn't just smoking a lil' weed and hitting a whip-it every now and then. No, Scott Storch -- whose collaborators include Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Dr. Dre, Lil Wayne, and 50 Cent -- was snorting mountains of cocaine.

And according to TMZ (who heard it from the Las Vegas police department), he still is.

The celeb gossip site reports that police were responding on February 4 to a dispute between Storch and a hotel employee over the producer's bill. Put simply, the broke-ass producer refused to pay.

At the scene, cops got a tip from hotel security that Storch was coked up and they eventually dug 2.7 grams of blow out of the trash before sending Scotty straight to the clink.

After posting $5,000 bond, though, Storch was back on the streets. And in typically flippant millionaire fashion, he was spotted out and about in Los Angeles this weekend, crackin' jokes and smokin' stogies (presumably) between trips to his favorite Hollywood Coke Emporium.

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