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The Getback

Right About Now

(IOU Records)


When this album dropped back in January 2003, the immediate buzz that it created among our group of friends was incredibly electric. We'd already been sweaty fans, massing to the band's gigs, and displaying the kind of riotous energy people in their early 20s possess by the megaton.

These were evenings of spilled beer, too many cigarettes, and sloppy fucking, either in the back seats of sedans or up against the double-deckers in front of Churchill's.

Those were good times and the Getback was our soundtrack. Pure, honest punk rock of the power-pop variety made by friends for friends.

But what we were truly thankful for back then and now is the music. While I implore you seek out a physical copy of the album from either the band or a local record store, you can also download the entire seven-track album via the official Getback Bandcamp site. If anything, it's worth it for the inclusion of two kick-ass bonus tracks "Can't Won't" and "Change Your Mind."

Opener "Get it Right" is a rad piece of rock 'n' roll, proving the power of this group's rhythm section, which is secretly one of its greatest assets. Going further with "Better Place" the band's writing skills take the experience beyond just regular rock.

Things get a bit personal with "Cheap Liquor" and "2:00 AM" before middle piece "No Tomorrow," a few more blasts, and excellent closer "In with the New."

On this record, as always, were Jose Flores on vocals and guitar, Danny "T" Palacios on bass and vocals, Gus Rod Gonzalez on guitar and Juan Manuel Rótulo on drums and backup vocals. The band's latest effort, Halfway Home, just came out too. And it is awesome.


Download: The Getback's Right About Now

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