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Score Morningwar's "Education of Force" Off The Front Room EP

For all we know, you may already be a huge fan of these local cats. But then again, you may not. And we'd be remiss if we failed to introduce you.

So, Crossfade reader, meet Morningwar, a hard-rocking indie-prog outfit that only got together in October 2009. Nothing if not ambitious, this crew released its debut The Front Room EP only nine months later in June 2010. And the band's already in the midst of recording material for a new album, as well as planning a fall tour.

But Morningwar's obvious moxie isn't even this little seven-person crew's most important attribute. Because for all the desire in the world, they could still suck. Not the case, though. Not by a long shot. The Front Room EP proves an incredibly polished and mature production for a band just a year and a few months into its existence. Each track displays both impressive technical mastery and a restraint to keep those skills focused and not let them reign unchecked.

To put it mildly, these are some seriously fucking good musicians and very talented songwriters who just happen to wield a hard alt-rock edge reminiscent of Incubus. And today, we're going to hook you up with a free track. This is "Education of Force." Enjoy.


Morningwar's "Education of Force"

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