Rose Max Stars at Jazid's Brazilian Night Tomorrow

The ongoing kickass series brought to you by the venerable SoBe live music haunt Jazid and MiamiAlterLatino.com continues to roll on, providing partygoers with a weekly passport to far off destinations.

If you've been keeping track, you know that since tomorrow's the last Thursday of the month, it's time for Brazilian night at Jazid. That means you get to enjoy music from our Portuguese-speaking neighbors to the way south, as well as $1 draft beer all night. Not sure that that's a Brazilian thing, but those people are known to throw a good party. Carnaval, anyone?

This Thursday boasts a rather kicked up offering in the way of live music, with a performance by none other than our very own Rose Max. You've no doubt caught this Brazilian band around town; they're local and have been at it for quite some time. Reaching deep into their background for the sumptuous, swaying groove of samba, bossa nova, and jazz, vocalist Rose and guitarist Ramatis will transport you to Rio faster than you can don one of those really big headdresses. But not a thong. Because we know you're already packing heat.

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