Rock the Bells Moves to Bayfront Park

This just in: The Rock the Bells concert scheduled for this Saturday, August 2, has been moved from Bicentennial Park to Bayfront Park. They're basically right next to each other so logistically, it doesn't make much of a difference, but according to Angel Candelaria whose company, Contagious Musiq is one of the chief local organizers of the festival, most people are happy that Rock the Bells will be at Bayfront and not Bicentennial.

"Initially, everyone was upset that [Rock the Bells] wasn't at Bayfront this year," he says. "That's where it was last year but there was a hold up with Live Nation trying to purchase it, so we were told that the concert would have to be at Bicentennial this year. Now that that's done, we can do it at Bayfront again and we're all much happier about it."

And for good reason. Bicentennial is kind of an awkward place for a hip-hop festival. Plus it's flat and the auditorium style seating at Bayfront Park is much more conducive to enjoying a concert.

I specifically asked Angel if there were any line-up changes and he said no. Also, the timing of the event is not effected. Doors are at noon and it runs until midnight.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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