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Ricky Martin To Release English and Spanish Singles Tomorrow

Big news out of Ricky Martin's camp: The Puerto Rican superstar has been locked away in the studio, hard at work on his latest record since the beginning of the year, as Crossfade reported here.

It seems that fans won't have to wait much longer to hear the first of the new music though. If nothing else, somebody named Janet Ross, who's always good for about 150 to 200 very strange comments per Ricky post we put up, will be ecstatic.

Martin, it seems, has a bilingual record in the works, which is presently slated to drop in early 2011 on his long-time label, Sony Music. And to that end, he's got a dual-language single hitting radio tomorrow.

The song, titled "Lo Mejor de Mi Vida Eres Tu" in its Spanish incarnation and "The Best Part of Me is You" in English, is a duet, for which Martin has enlisted some rather impressive female vocalists. The leading lady for the former will be Natalia Jimenez, former vocalist for La Quinta Estacion. Meanwhile, the English track will feature none other than British songbird and thespian Joss Stone.

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Paul Torres