Rick Ross (the Rapper) Finally Joins Twitter, Deep Thoughts Ensue

Rick Ross may possibly be the last rapper on the planet to join Twitter, which, along with its fascinating reports on desk workers' lunches, seems largely these days to be a big chain of celebs A- to Z-list @ mentioning each other. (For an up-to-the-minute stream of Crossfade staff's sandwich preferences, follow us at @Crossfade_SFL.) 

While he just started Tweeting yesterday, so far we can glean a few important nuggets of wisdom from his feed:

1. Even the Boss cries sometimes.

3. Speed limits do not apply to the Boss.

... And, 4. Real bosses aren't afraid to shout from the rooftops about their influence on MC Hammer.

We would have shared something about Ross' advice to "become a quantum thinker," but we didn't really get it -- perhaps we should have started our day with some rozay to get on his level.

In any event, drug dealer Rick Ross will be happy to know that rapper Rick Ross is tweeting from the handle @rickyrozay. It seems that @rickross is taken by yet another Rick Ross, some kind of techy guy from North Carolina. 

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