Eat lemon-pepper wings and drop body mass like a Bawse!
Eat lemon-pepper wings and drop body mass like a Bawse!
Funny or Die

Rick Ross Makes a Workout Video

"Rozay, how you lose all that weight?"

He once tipped the scales at 160 kilos. (Or 350 pounds for those hustlers not "in the distribution.") But big homie's recently shed the equivalent of a modest midweek cocaine shipment.

And in a new workout video for Funny or Die, Rick Ross, "hood billionaire and fitness guru," provides the answers and secrets behind his Bawsely slim down.

"I follow a strict daily workout routine," he barks. "And now you can too, right here with #RossFit."

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As he runs through his Seven Steps for droppin' body mass like a Bawse, it becomes obvious that big homie's methods are highly unconventional...

Wearing chains, rolling and smoking blunts, eating lemon-pepper wings, blasting strippers with champagne facials, bobbing to his new album Hood Billionaire, taking regular cereal breaks, and relaxing in the "money bath, baby!"

These are the simple and easy (and occasionally ultra-expensive) exercises that will turn any overweight hustler into a slim 'n' trim motherfuckin' mogul.

As Rozay say: "Ahh, man, I love my fitness, ya heard me?"

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