Remy Ma Gets 8 Years in Prison

The verdict is in and New York rapper Remy Ma has been sentenced to 8 years in a federal prison for assault, weapon possession and attempted coercion after shooting her friend, Makeda Barnes Joseph, last July in a dispute over money. Remy Ma accused her girlfriend of stealing $3,000 from her and eventually shot Joseph in the stomach. Some reports say Remy stood over her friend's bleeding body and rifled through her purse before fleeing the scene.

There were a bunch of twisted facts to the case, but it was a senseless shooting no matter what. And yesterday, the judge gave Remy a fairly lengthy sentence because of it although she was facing 25 years.

The rapper was scheduled to get married to rapper Papoose a day earlier, but in a hilarious twist of luck, the wedding was called off because Papoose tried to smuggle Remy Ma a universal handcuff key. Now that's love.

You can read more about Papoose's thwarted attempt here and while it probably wouldn't have gotten Remy Ma very far, the fact that Papoose wanted to smuggle his bride-to-be a tool to help her escape is just cute and you can't really knock the brother for it.

Here's a hilarious Remy video to tide fans over although I'm sure she'll be releasing plenty of jailhouse rockers while she's locked up.

-Jonathan Cunningham

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