Rapper Kat Dahlia Busted for Drunk Driving on Her Birthday by Miami Beach Police

"The best day of the year."

Yesterday, it was Miami Beach rapper Kat Dahlia's 23rd birthday. And that's what she tweeted 14 hours and 27 minutes before being busted by Miami Beach Police.

The misdemeanor charge: "DUI" and "Resisting [Arrest] W/O Violence."

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Signed to Vested in Culture, a division of Epic Records/Sony Music Entertainment, Dahlia (real name Katriana Huguet) is a Cuban-American pop-hopper, born and raised in Dade County, who's best known for the confessional single "Gangsta."

But this morning, according to the MBPD's complaint/arrest affidavit, Dahlia was stopped by the cops at approximately 2:25 a.m. after being spotted driving "at a high rate of speed southbound on Alton Road with the headlights off."

When the officer "approached the vehicle," he "noticed a strong odor of alcohol emanating from the car." He also "observed she had blood shot eyes" and her "speech was heavily slurred."

That's when it got a bit weird ...

From the MBPD's affidavit:

I then asked the defendant to exit the vehicle. She asked me why and then stated she couldn't because shw was in a swim suit. I afforded the defendant the opportunity to cover herself with clothing and then she exited the vehicle ... The defendant asked me again why she needed to exit the vehicle and I stated I believed she might be driving under the influence and asked her to perform some exercises to dispel my suspicion.

Apparently, Dahlia wasn't in any mood for a Standardized Field Sobriety Test. So, the officer reports, she "cursed at me, and refused to perform any excercise."

Then after being informed that "she was under arrest ... she refused to place her hands behind her back [and] ... tensed her arms up in the front of her body and told me I could not arrest her."

At the station, she still wouldn't cooperate. "For example," the affidavit reads, "when asked her ethnicity, the defendant responded, 'I'm black. And Arab.'"

As Kat Dahlia herself once rapped, "living in a crazy world," sometimes "in Miami, you catch a charge."

Even on "the best day of the year."

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