Radioboxer, Boxwood Live at Jazid Tonight

If it's Thursday and you're reading this, it's not too late. If it's Friday ... you better have a damned good reason, because it could mean that you missed a monumental occasion. You see, tonight not one, but two recent New Times Best of Miami winners will perform live together. That seems like a pretty big deal, and it promises to be one hell of a show for rock fans.

Just this week we named local singer - songwriter and one - man - band Jose Ferrer, otherwise known as Boxwood, Best Songwriter. And you, the readers, picked Radioboxer as your Reader's Choice for Best Band last year, in our 2009 edition. Boxwood's songwriting is indeed worthy of praise, featuring thoughtful lyricism and a keen sense of melody, with a certain haunting vibe. He plays it live like he records it, by himself, only in the live setting, he does so by employing loop pedals and building tracks from scratch.

Radioboxer you already know as one of the hardest-rocking, most killer live acts our fair city has to offer, a true gem to have emerged from the local scene in the last year or so. After the jump, you can enjoy their brand new video for "Radio Broke My Heart."

There's no cover at Jazid tonight. And, if we're to believe the event posting on Facebook, there's going to be lots of partying, boozin' and even sexin'. Though they may be mixed up with Miami Velvet on that score.

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