Rachel Goodrich Covers the Velvet Underground's "After Hours"

The Velvet Underground song "After Hours" always seemed like an anomaly for the band. For one, it featured a rare vocal by the band's usually silent, fiercely androgynous drummer, Maureen Tucker. For another, it seemed just too pop, with a cutesy melody that didn't jibe with either the band's guitar-drenched noise squalls or its Nico-fronted dirges.

So leave it to Miami's top resident quirk queen, Rachel Goodrich, to cover that particular tune from the Velvets' catalog. She released the recording on her Tumblr blog last week (on which the track seems to be the only entry to date). While the haiku-like description implies it was recorded with a Casio on an eight-track, the production here actually seems far more sophisticated. And of course, the zippy, acoustic-powered feel of the original song fits Goodrich's style well. If you didn't know any better, you'd take this for a Rachel original a la "Lightbulb" and the like.

Click here to listen to the song over on her Tumblr; no download link is available yet. Just try to frown while listening to it; it's like ear Prozac.

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