Q&A With O.A.R., Playing the Marlins Super Saturday Show June 26

On June 26, the Marlins Super Saturday event features a post-game concert by Of A Revolution, otherwise known as O.A.R. The band has toured the world for the past 14 years helping a mostly white college audience jam out and sing along to reggae-inspired tuneage. According to band saxophonist Jerry DePizzo, the group has never played in Miami, making this a hell of an exclusive show. We caught up with Jerry by phone and found out why this will be better than when they played for the Pirates, and what he thinks of the Marlins and the show. Read the full Q&A after the jump.

Crossfade: How long have you been with Of A Revolution?

Jerry: Ive been with the band since 1997, been full-time with them since 2000.

You ever been down here before?

Personally, I've been to Miami one time for a wedding. As a band, we usually play Orlando, St. Pete, Tampa, St Augustine. Finally, after 14 years of touring we've figured out not to play Florida in July.

You like sports?

We're all sports guys. My TV-watching consists of Sports Center 24/7. Especially ball games. I love baseball. I don't care who's playing; a day at the park is always a good time.

Has the band ever played a sports event before?

Once. We played a show after game last year with the Pirates. This one will go much better.

What do you mean?

The first syllable of the first word of the first song our singer blew his voice out. We continued to play another hour and a half sans vocals for 40,000 people.

What do you think about the Marlins?

You guys have a tendency to pop up every couple of years with a real team. You've had some real solid teams. There's probably some suit in the Yankees front office going, "How do they do that?"

You gonna watch the game?

Yeah. It always brings me back to Ohio. It reminds me of sitting in the ballpark with my old man eating a hot dog.

What's the deal -- you've been touring 14 years and never done a show in Miami?

We kinda go where there's a demand for us. Our main audience is college

kids. Sometimes universities will book us for shows. There's a lot of places in this

country and this world and we just haven't played 'em all yet. I'm really looking forward to it, and to experiencing a little bit of Miami nightlife. My wife was there for business not too long ago and she loved it.

What do you think of the Latin and Caribbean elements down here?

I love Spanish music. We were just on tour with Ozomatli and they gave me a bunch of stuff to listen to. One of the band's big influences is island and reggae music, so it really speaks to us and inspires us with a positive message that's meant to uplift, not just individual groups but an entire people. Like Bob Marley, he spoke to a whole generation of people and even today, his music sends out a positive global message that we try to aspire to and live up to.

O.A.R. plays June 26 at Sun Life Stadium after the Marlins beat the Padres. There will also be a fireworks show to go along with the show. Be one of the first 15,000 fans to the stadium and get a free "Marlins Rally Fist." Check this Ticketmaster page to buy.

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