Q&A With Ivete Sangalo, Performing at American Airlines Arena Tomorrow

Conceivably, there are some seeing her name up on the marquis outside the AAA, or posted around town, and wondering just who Ivete Sangalo is. The answer, for those asking, is a simple one: she's a singer, and something of an artistic treasure in her native Brazil. Oh yeah, and as you can see at right, super hot too.

But you don't land arena shows in places like our American Airlines Arena and New York's Madison Square Garden by being an unknown, no matter how hot. Especially if the language you sing in isn't one widely spoken here in the U.S., by being a virtual unknown. Not even being super hot can work that magic. Make no mistake, Sangalo has her fan base here, just as she does internationally, outside of Brazil and Portugal. Since starting her career in the early 90's, briefly solo, then for four years with the widely acclaimed group Banda Eva, then back to a solo career at the end of the decade that's sustained her until now, the songstress from Juazeiro, Bahia has sold millions of records the world over, and amassed some 14 Latin Grammy nods for her combined 15 albums.

New Times recently got a brief opportunity to catch up with Ivete before her upcoming Miami date to ask a couple of quick questions.

New Times: You're best known for singing Axé, and of course MPB. How would you describe Axé to those who've never heard it?

I think that you can define our sound as the sound of freedom. Everything is possible and viable , light and creative in axé music.

You're not only one of the biggest stars in Brazil, you're one of the biggest Brazilian stars abroad as well. Why do you think fans are so taken with your music?

To me it is without a doubt a great achievement, as an artist and as a Brazilian. I believe that by performing in amazing venues like the American Airlines Arena and Madison Square Garden, I AM starting a journey that will generate thousands of possibilities for other artists from my country. I take great pride in knowing that this is all possible thanks to the unwavering support that I have from my fans in Brazil.

Playing arenas like Madison Square Garden and our own American Airlines Arena is no small feat, especially when you sing in a language that isn't really widely spoken here. How does it make you feel to have attained that kind of a following?

I am not reacting to this in any relaxed or natural way. I am very surprised at everything happening around me. On this tour I will be able to show people my music, but it's an amazing anxiety I have to really have fun on this tour and live the experience.

Of all your accomplishments, what are you most proud of?

My son

What can fans attending your show expect to see?

A singer that is very anxious and excited to be with her audience and ready to rock Miami and all the Brazilians, Americans and Latinos that come to the show. It will be a huge party!

Ivete Sangalo performs live at American Airlines Arena this Saturday, Aug. 28. Tix run $58.10 to $105.75.

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