Q&A: Arboles Libres, Playing Transit Lounge Tonight

Try to put them in one category, and you can't. Arboles Libres are just what their name implies, free. Free from the boundaries of genrefication, free from the pressures of a band that began with visions of grandeur and free from the self-confining, self-defeating nature of musicians determined to be artists of a certain type. That freedom comes from the very honest nature of the band's beginnings, and the resignation to create a naturally flowing experimental sound.

Arboles Libres didn't start out as a trio of talented musicians seeking fame or critical acclaim in their hometown. There were no plans to release an EP (which is now set for the end of the month). It was just guitarist/vocalist Eddie Moreno with an open collective some three years ago. And then, about 18 months ago, Eddie and guitarist, vocalist, and harmonica player Juan "Nacho" Londono started jamming out together, and there was a sudden spark of inspiration. Drummer and percussionist Anthony Genovese came along, and Arboles Libres was formed.

We recently got a chance to talk to the band's spiritually-minded founder to discuss Arboles Libres' past, future, and their gig tonight at Transit Lounge.

New Times: Describe Arboles Libres' sound, for those not yet familiar.

Eddie Moreno: Our sound is a very high energy bilingual

folk rock experience. Two guitars and a drummer drive this band. We can

be loud or soft, always keeping the ear interested.

Describe what your onstage performances are like. Why do you think fans dig your shows so much?

We are very in the moment and in respond to the stimulus of

one's immediate environment and inner feelings kind of rock. It can

change on any given night, depending on the crowd that's there. I

believe that fans dig us because we always carry something new. Our

shows aren't always the same routine. We make sure the audience is happy

with the energy we are creating on the spot. Very interactive.

Tell us what fans can expect of your upcoming performance at Transit.

We like to enter every venue with the same intentions: Keeping a

respect and an open mind to the environment. I expect a powerful and

diligent set full of surprises.

What can you tell me about the album you guys are working on?

Our latest EP that is being released is a collection of basement

recordings produced and recorded by Arboles Libres and Fernando

Perdomo. A powerful set of recordings that our fans will love. They will

be released on the 22 of September at Bardot.

When did you guys realize you were on to something, and decide to take things a step further?

Nacho and I realized what we had something the very moment we

started playing together. Basically we both picked up instruments on a

Sunday afternoon and both had a musical epiphany. From Monday to Friday

that week we played every night continuing the high we had from

discovering our new music. The more we played the higher we felt.

Eventually it was too much for the both of us, and three months later

Anthony offered himself up as a drummer, and everything made sense. It

was like a rainstorm had come right above my musical drought and saved

our lives.

Arboles Libres play Transit Lounge tonight. No cover. Show starts at 10:30 pm. Visit for more info.

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Christopher Lopez