Q-Burns Abstract Message

Michael Donaldson, better known as Q-Burns Abstract Message, has had a long and varied career. During the "electronica" hype of the late Nineties, he cranked out everything from turntablist tracks (for the memorable Deep Concentration compilation) to breezy jazz & bass and downtempo. If his latest compilation of remixes, Future Past Tense, is any indication, he is currently focusing on bright, peppy house tracks, but it's difficult to see him playing happy stuff when he drives down here from Orlando this weekend. After all, he'll be joining jungle producer DJ Dara, Miami electrician Wreck (a.k.a. Salim Rafiq), DJs Burn and Cause4Concern, and many others, all of whom are known for harder, funkier stuff. The party is titled "Blast" and serves as an unofficial kick-off jam for Basshead, a new local electro label with a name that may have been inspired by a certain Miami New Times columnist.

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