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The Nude Party
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The Nude Party Brings Psychedelic Debauchery to Las Rosas

Nude Party frontman Patton Magee believes his band would sell a lot more records if it existed in the '60s. How can a 2018 group grasp the cosmic retro vibe of the Doors, Velvet Underground, and early Rolling Stones? The Nude Party originated in the debauchery and bonding of six freshmen dudes from Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. The name says it all: The band would perform psychedelia fully nude at house parties. The bandmates released their debut, self-titled album this past July and will play Las Rosas Wednesday, October 17, fully clothed.

The Nude Party is an 11-track record of catchy choruses, slide-guitar riffs, and cosmic organ keystrokes. It was released by New West Records and produced by Black Lips drummer Oakley Munson, who invited the bandmates to live in his home in the Catskills. "He's a refiner," Magee says. "What he tends to do is trim the fat from the songs." Now the Nude Party musicians spend most of their days in the mountains with Munson going to drive-in theaters, visiting pumpkin patches, and, most important, making music in the basement.

They understand that most venues that take themselves seriously wouldn't really appreciate six naked dudes onstage. "The more that people buy your records and buy tickets to come see you, the more the pressure gets put on you," Magee says. "You actually have to put on a good show and you can't fuck around." Although Magee thinks using the word "mature" is boring, it's clear the band has gone beyond its dorm days. Perhaps this new level of taking things seriously is what led the Nude Party to refine its sound for the successful release of the record.

"We intend to do what we do for a long time," Magee declares. The video for their single "Chevrolet Van" shows the bandmates struggling through their day jobs yet having a blast performing together at the local club every night and eventually growing old while doing it. The band is dedicated to getting along, collaborating, and working together for a long time — while still having fun, of course. Their dynamic makes sense only after years of the members living together. "There are influences of all six of us individually," Magee says. "Everyone brings their ideas to the table."

Though they're still touring around in their green Ford Econoline E-350 van (which they hope to replace soon), the Nude Party has high hopes for the future. Once the tour has ended, they plan to fly home to North Carolina, spend time with their families, and finally return to the mountains of New York to delve back into their creative mindset of making music.

The Nude Party. With Glove, Fat Sun, and Kinda Culty. 8 p.m. Wednesday, October 17, at Las Rosas, 2898 NW Seventh Ave., Miami; lasrosasbar.com. Admission is free.

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