PrunkTV: Night of the Weirds Tonight at American Legion

I am a groupie for Boise Bob and his Backyard Band, who will be playing tonight at Night of the Weirds at American Legion. Check out this video of me flirting with the washboard player in the parking lot at Churchill's the other night. 

This is really the best time of year in the world's most beautiful city: Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos. Miami is no longer a sauna filled with mosquitoes. Take a deep breath, load up your pipe and recharge that battery! Night of the Weirds at American Legion is going to be off the chain. "Call it Hipster Haunted Crack House," said James as we pretended to stand in line at The Vagabond. But seriously...support your local music. Let's meet up at the American Legion tonight, dear friends. It is going to be a hoot.

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