Prunk TV With Avery Storm

First off, congrats to Carmelo Anthony and the Denver Nuggets. They beat the great Lakers Thursday night, and I hope they do it again. Melo was a guest on Prunk TV recently, and we develop a special relationship with our guests. Speaking of special guests, this episode is really something special.

Have you seen Rick Ross' video for "Here I Am" and wondered "who is that dude on the piano with the ponytail?" Well, his name is Avery Storm, and he is in Miami right now finishing up his debut album. It is going to be outrageous. He is working with the Runners, Cool & Dre, and other A-list producers. 

We met up at Sweat Records, because of a vision. I wanted to interview him in front of the Biggie mural, and I wanted to sing a duet with him onstage at Churchill's next door. It felt so good to sing that shit with Avery. Get Prunked. Shout out to Dave Daniels, Nicky, and Freak at Churchill's for helping

me make it happen. If you want to get onstage at Churchill's for Prunk

TV, contact me. Its going down. Holla at your boy.

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Jason Handelsman