Prunk TV: Phone Calls From Plies, Carol City Cartel in Night Vision

Yours truly is now a certified GOON, but we'll get to that in a minute. I got a text over the weekend that Miami's Triple C will be releasing their debut album on October 27, so we met up for some bloodshot eyes, tequila sunrise, realize that you're born to die, let's make some video. Click on the arrow, and watch the party. Leave a comment. Are you ready to get prunked?!

I recently spoke with native Floridian, Algernod Lanier Washington (Plies) on a sunny Monday morning. I had been working all night and I heard that both Jim Carroll and Patrick Swayze had died, but we'll get to that in a minute. Patrick Swayze is dead! I spilled out some beer for my dead homies, rest in peace Swayze. Say hello to MJ for us.

Becky and I were parking and sparking when the phone rang. It was Plies, talking about his high school football dreams, the powers of our universe, and providing for your family. You see, we are both in our mid-30s and we discussed the aforementioned aspect of his lucrative career (being one of the most prolific thug-rappers alive). "I follow Jay-Z's theory that 30 is the new 20 something," he said, "these kids that make it big when they're young...after a while the industry wants nothing to do with them. I'm blessed."

Stand up, Florida. Hold your cell phones in the air. We are the destination of the world. I can't believe how awesome Miami is at the moment. Plies' music is chock full of wisdom and skill that can only come with age, like Pinot Grigio in a dark basement. Make sure you check out Plies' next album, Goon Affiliated, when it comes out next month.

They say that every writer wants to be a comedian, and every music journalist wants to be a rock star. Or, something like that. Anyway, Prunk TV spills out some beer for Jim Carroll who died this past Friday. He was truly a great novelist/ poet/ rock star, representing that genre of writing that romanticizes drug-addiction, prostitution, and grimy street life. 

I will be performing a one man rock-opera titled Burned Alive at The Living Room (671 Washington Ave., Miami Beach) in his memory tonight. Hope to see you there...around....10pm! Shout out to DJ Dracula's Daughter for booking the show, at the new and improved Mausoleum.

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Jason Handelsman