Prunk TV: Blowfly at the Monterey Club

Quitters never win, and winners never quit. Btw, should I fuck that big fat ho?

The first time I ever heard of Blowfly was when ODB did that cover of, "The First Time, Ever You Sucked My Dick." Blowfly is awesome, he invented rap music in 1965, and he is a Miami legend. I wish him the best, especially with that upcoming performance in Australia. But we'll get to that in a minute. The first time I heard about the Jacuzzi Boys was an Iggy Pop interview on Urban Outfitter website. That being said...if Jacuzzi Boys were around 20 years ago in Seattle they would have been signed to Sub Pop and gone on to become a multi-platinum Grammy award winning Grunge super group. Your mom would have their vinyl records in the garage next to her Alice in Chains and Soundgarden records...but those days are dead and gone (Jacuzzi Boys did put out a vinyl 7 inch. Fuck yeah).

Speaking of vinyl, while in Ft. Lauderdale, I stopped at Radioactive Records. The place is amazing. You need to stop by, if only to see the picture of Barry Manillow in the toilet. Ft. Lauderdale is pretty cool. Lester's 24 Hour Diner is a good place to get some really strong coffee at 4am (with free refills), and Bimini Bay is a cool place to meet drunk German tourists trying to find prostitutes.

The footage above is from Blowfly's show this past Saturday night in Ft. Lauderdale at Club Monterey (yes, he played "Should I Fuck That Big Fat Ho?"). You may be shocked or even upset to hear me say this, but (the opening band) Jacuzzi Boys blew Blowfly away. I am serious. They are a great young energetic Miami-style rock band. No fucking laptops onstage, no shtick involved, no jokes, no makeup or costumes, no talking between songs, just guitar, bass, drums, and catchy as hell rock songs. I am sorry Mr. Blowfly. I love you, man. You are an awesome 65 year old hero of the music world singing songs about getting your dick sucked and that is downright hilarious, don't get me wrong. You are the best! But Jacuzzi Boys just might be the next big thing out of Miami. Stay tuned to Prunk TV, friends. I am still editing some video footage of their awesome performance, and will put it up in the near future. But I have this new job scraping animal shit out of an empty swimming pool in Pinecrest, and I gotta make that paper, boo boo.

Shout out to Care Bear for the ride to Broward. It was great hanging out with you. Sorry that I didn't have enough money for the strip club....Oh yeah, and also....go check out Miami's best Speed Metal band, Thrash or Die tonight at Churchill's. See ya.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.