PPR101 Miami Rap Music Conference and Showcase In Pictures and Video

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PPR101 is a rap industry conference and showcase that tours the country giving paying entrants an opportunity to ask questions of music industry professionals from DJ's to PR experts, to print and web based media representatives. Registered artists also get the opportunity to perform in front of the panel. PPR101 stands for Professional Public Relations 101. The conference is organzed by Divadend Entertainment. Here are some pictures and quotes from the recent PPR101 Miami, which took place at the Hilton on 16th and Biscayne.

Left to right, Boy Foolish and Rob Hound from Greedy Boy Entertainment. CEO Rob Hound says "I'm here to support my first artist on my record label. We make music for people who like to make money. I'm the CEO and an artist as well." Boy Foolish says "It's different, it's extraordinary man, it's just creative, I rap about life man, everyday life."
Sebastian Bromfield aka "Big Bash" is a local promoter and producer. His company is called Dynamyk Entertainment. He says "I'm out here looking for a publicist. I've been doing about 25 events yearly, and I'm looking into doing impromptu poetry nights. I'm looking for somebody to put me out there as a promoter that works with locals. I also do the Music Empowerment Conference. It's coming up in October at the War Memorial Auditorium. I've worked with artists like Black Dada who's really blowin up now and COA who's got that wiggin' song. You can reach me at 954-701-8186 or mr.dynamyk@gmail.com .
Big D says "I'm from MIA, Dade County, 305. I represent Live and Let Live Records. I'm doin my thang cause I'm a winna. I do hip hop, street music, thug music, matta fact poverty music, that's what I call it. It's my point of view of how I see my ghetto. This how I see life. I grew up rough, in the struggle, in the projects, in Liberty City. The young niggas in my hood, all they respect is violence. It ain't even about the dolla no more. They all slangin iron to get stripes. My message in the industry is when you get on a track, when you doin music, say what you feel, do what's in your heart man. You ain't really gotta follow the trend. You do your thing. You make sure you be unique, make sure you be the first you. That's all you gotta do. Like Michael Jackson the first Michael Jackson. Like Tupac the first Tupac. I'm the first Big D gotdammit. Imma rappin asshole. Nigga thats why my flow so stankin."
"I'm T (pictured above, right). I'm from a group called The Last from Miramar, Broward County, me and my brother Dreezy. I'm out here to perform and gather some more of this industry knowledge and break this glass ceiling. It's something everybody can see and nobody can touch. It's like that elevator in Willy Wonka with the one button ain't nobody ever touched that takes you all the way to the top. We try and come from the average man's perspective. We work everyday 9 - 5. We're not trying to be nothin we're not. We rep for the average guy."
"My name is C Bruce from SwaggerCheck.com, it's an online community all about swag. Go on there and build a profile and upload photos, videos, and show your swag."
"We're D League, Cut & Demo. Cut's the Jamaican one, Demo's the Asian one. We're from Ft Lauderdale. We rap about our life, whatever we feel at the moment. What's our genre? Making hits. I look up to the businessmen in the game. We use music as a stepping stone. You don't have to live a bad life to get to a new one. You believe in it you can do it."
Lymelyte Entertainment was also in the building. They are a multimedia entertainment company. Here's what CEO Papa Mate had to say. "I write checks, my money double up. My money have sex, it have kids, my money growin like a family. We're an independent company so we feel the artist's struggle. We work with their budget at a low budget at a high quality. We start at $500 for a video. We have a greenscreen. Right now we workin on a Pimp C tribute documentary."
Larry Dogg says "I am the underground king of comedy of South Florida. Just go on my website LarryDoggMovement.com"

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.