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Poll Declares Tiësto the Led Zeppelin of Electronic Dance Music, Beat Freaks Rejoice

The results are in; Tiësto is the Led Zeppelin of electronic dance music. According to EDM fans, that is.

An overwhelming majority of beat freaks responded to yesterday's poll, over 68 percent of whom sided with The Joint Hard Rock's William Conn and agreed that the Dutch DJ is to EDM what Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham are to rock and roll.

Tiësto's management team reposted our story on the Dutchman's official Facebook page and subsequently opened a floodgate of comments. Nearly 500 people replied, more than 5,000 "liked" the post and over 200 people shared the link. At least two Tiësto diehards tagged the comment wall with Tiësto-centric ASCII art, one piece so large we couldn't even take a full screen shot of it.

"Tiësto is not God," declared Simone Momo Giacomini of Italy. "Undoubtedly God is Tiësto!"

Nicholas Mander, also a disciple of Tiësto, calls the venerable DJ a "messiah" and "heavenly king."

Similarly, Dixit Joshi decidedly named Tiësto "the lord of music," while Gabriel Antonio Jimenez affirms him as "the Jesus of EDM."

But not everyone jumped on the Tiësto train. Naturally, our poll ruffled some feathers with our own readers, the bulk of whom shot from the heart and were brutally honest with their commentary.

"Fuck no. [Tiësto's] a douchebag with turntables," quipped New Times fan Anthony Latour.

Issac Gonzalez was pissed we'd even pose the question, completely bypassing the blog post and making an incredibly rash decision.


We'll have a complete recap of incendiary reactions later in the day. Check back with Crossfade for complete Tiësto poll coverage.

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