Pitbull Remixes Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" ... Daleee!

"Mr. Worldwide! Pharrell! Daft Punk! Let's 'Get Lucky'!"

The other day, a Pitbull remix of the lead single off Daft Punk's new studio album, Random Access Memories, popped up on the Interwebs, thanks to YouTube user kevvy9gorillazfan and a guy named DJ Pup Dawg.

But unsure of the clip's authenticity, we here at Crossfade contacted Dat Lil Chico's reps. And yes, Team Pitbull confirms: "It's real."

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"Pit does alot of verses for hot records," a member of Team Pitbull tells us. "Sometimes they get picked up, sometimes not. When they don't, we release on the street, just to keep visible and fresh."

Another recent Mr. Worldwide remix "released on the street" ... His "Welcome to Dade County," a riff on "Harlem Shake," which doubled as a Lil Wayne diss track, telling the Young Money maniac to shut about the 305 and the Heat, not to "shit where you eat," and "para de comer tanta pinga."

Some 305 fans are gonna respond to "Mr. Worldwide! Pharrell! Daft Punk!" by howling, "No pare la fiesta!" Or as commenter KidDynamite40 writes: "I came here for Pitbull, who the hell is daft punk?"

The hater reviews, though, are universally brutal, describing Dat Lil Chico's version of "Get Lucky" as "MIERDA," adding that "Pitbull actually made it WORSE than Pharrell... Amazing," and even wishing "MUERTE A PITBULL!!"

But as Mr. Worldwide would say: "They can say what they wanna, but I do what they can't."


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