Pitbull, Lil Wayne, and Other "Miami" Rappers Who Don't Give a Shit About the Heat Win

Here in the 305, we're not about those fair-weather fans who just jumped on the Heat train in time to pop bottles.

But there are some Miami music icons we really thought would be all over this win. But they haven't made so much as a tweet.

Some of these people claim to rep Miami. Or even be Miami. But apparently, when the MIA hits her stride, they're nowhere to be seen.

We're calling out all you cats for not supporting a girl when she wins big. Shame on you.

The Throne

Alright, neither Jay Z nor Kanye West are from Miami, nor do they rep it as their home base. But they do like to talk about the Heat a lot on their album Watch The Throne, and the Heat stampeded to victory on the back of their hit single, "Niggas in Paris." So you'd think after Jay and Ye did all that Wade and Lebron name-dropping, they'd be watching the NBA Finals. And if they were watching, you think they'd have something to say. Especially Kanye. But it looks like they were too busy being a baby daddy or having sex with Kim Kardashian to notice.

Lil Wayne

This Louisiana transplant has made Miami his home ever since New Orleans went under water. All day Weezy be like, "Oh, I'm up in Miami, killin' beats and scarin' niggas." But when the Heat won, he showed no signs of giving a shit on social media. Perhaps that's because he's got more important things to worry about these days, like Drake eating the face off Chris Brown and destroying the YMCMB empire. But wait, that's a load of crap. Nothing is more important than the Heat's victory right now.


Speaking of bitches, this guy's all over the radio talking shit to Uncle Luke and bragging about his condo on Biscayne. Yet he doesn't have anything to say about the Heat win? Get your head out of Ri-Ri's ass, bro! There's a party going on!

Rick Ross

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This big motherfucker is so Miami, it's not even a question. But where was he last night? In Jamaica, getting high as fuck, tweeting pictures of weed. I hope you had cable down there, Rozay. This is a milestone. But chances are, you're too faded to even move for the next three days. See you next week, homie.


He used to be Mr. 305, but now he's Mr. Worldwide, and apparently he means it. Has Pitbull really sold out his hometown in favor of far-off and exotic lands? Last night, when he should have been basking in the glory of an NBA championship, he was shivering in Switzerland. If you're going to be like that, bro, we're gonna have to boycott Dr. Pepper and Bud Light at all future Heat games.

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