Things to Look At"">

Pitbull, Jimmy Fallon Talk Christina Aguilera's Boobs: "She Got Some Things to Look At"

Just a couple of chicos, hablando mierda in matching suits ...

Our homie Pitbull recently visited Jimmy Fallon's casa (AKA NBC Studio 6B in the GE Building at 30 Rockefeller Center in New York City) for a lil' late-night shit talking.

The topics: Ancient Cuban wisdom, the experience of being exiled to places like Miami (or Alaska), his brand-new album Global Warming, the American Music Awards, and the extreme visibility of Christina Aguilera's boobs.

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"Man, I wanna say thank you to Christina Aguilera," Pit told Jimmy with utmost sincerity. "'Cause [her American Music Awards performance with me] was a surprise ... It wasn't planned at all. She said, 'I might go out there, I might not.'

"We had got there and done rehearsals. And she said, 'I'd love to go on stage wit' you.' And I said, 'That would be an honor.'"

Of course, though, Pit would be remiss if he didn't also thank Christina Aguilera's boobs for their contribution to the AMA duet. "Next thing I know, she's next to me. And I was like, 'Whoa! Oh! This is great! Man!'

"And she's definitely got, uh, some things to look at. So ... Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's what made it even more stunning. I say, 'Christina! Whoa! Yeahhh!"

Then when Jimmy brought up those Internet trolls at who once tried to exile Pit to "the frozen Alaskan island of Kodiak," Pit set about proving his assertion that people "don't bark at me 'cause then I bite 'em."

He snickered, cracking a funny. "My family's from Cuba, we're quick to get exiled! Just tell me where to go!

"So I said, 'No problem, I'll go to Kodiak. But you gotta come with me ... The greatest thing was that he went out there. He took a picture with me. Then he had to show that to his people.

"We call it galleta sin mano," Pitbull explained, raising the back of his hand while translating this tidbit of ancient Cuban wisdom, "which means, 'I slap you without touching you.'"


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