Photos: Mark Ronson at LIV with a Peaches Cameo

If we are a little sluggish this morning, we have Mark Ronson to thank. We stopped by LIV at the Fontainbleau Hotel last night after watching LCD Soundsystem play for a bunch of old, rich people at the Raleigh during MOCA Los Angeles' party. (There is nothing quite like the sight of watching granny get down during "Tribulations.") So it was nice to be amongst the 20-something set for a bit before heading home.

The night brought a few hipster-famous cameos, including Prince Terrence who's in town to DJ at a bunch of parties, worldwide party photographer Bronques of LastNightsParty.com, and raunchy electro goddess Peaches, who will be performing at a private event tonight.

We did exchange a few words with Peaches and embarrassed ourselves by gushing about being her biggest fanboy ever. And when she found out we were with New Times, she said, "Love your cover! I want to check out [Bert Rodriguez's] work." Peaches equals New Times reader. Fuck yeah.

Anyway, our cameras were there to capture Mark Ronson's set and the mayhem surrounding it. And a quick happy birthday shout-out to Poplife's Jake Jefferson, who was celebrating the occasion last night. Here is a preview, but check out the full slideshow.

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