Walking home from Omni Station last night some kid sitting on a bike's handlebars as his buddy pedalled south on Miami Ave. waved his hands and said, "Listen to that jazz music" in a mocking tone. So I stumbled into a mostly empty Electric Pickle at around 11 and tried to press card my way into a free beer. No dice.

Photos: DJ Sire Esquire's Champion Sound with Mr. Brown at Electric Pickle

Champion Sound happens every Wednesday night and is a free party where you're bound to hear all types of music. DJ Mr Brown says "I think I'm the last dude to play records. I got mad records kid, I'm a serious collector. I play stuff you might not normally hear."

DJ Sire Esquire, the dude behind the party, says, "We just wanted to start somethin new for the Summer. Long as I have fun I don't give a fuck."

By the time I left there was a crowd and people dancing.

Champion Sound happens every Wednesday at the Electric Pickle, 2826 N. Miami Ave., Miami. Admission is free, ages 21+ with ID. Call 305-456-5613.

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