Phantogram's Five Awesomest Songs: A Primer for This Saturday's Show at Electric Pickle

We've seen our fair share of guy-girl electro-rockers shaking it up in Miami lately, like The Golden Filter and Crystal Castles. So we can see why you might debate whether or not to bother with another one this Saturday. But Phantogram is one band you really gotta see.

The Saratoga Springs duo is relatively new to the music scene, having released its first full-length in February after forming just three years ago. But Phantogram's newness shouldn't deter you. The band's gained plenty of experience playing dance-friendly tunes all over the map, opening for bands like Metric, the xx, Ra Ra Riot, and Yeasayer.

The twosome calls itself "street beat psych pop." And though we're not exactly sure what that is, we think of Phantogram as a unique mix of trip-hop and electronic beats, using

sampling with an infusion of Serge Gainsbourg-like sexy sounds and Detroit hip-hop. The band's trademark oohs and ahhs and Sarah Barthel's sultry vocals round off the guitar and synths, making for very swayable songs.

If you're still not sold, check out our five favorite songs:

Phantogram at 10 p.m, Saturday, October 2. Electric Pickle, 2826 N. Miami Ave., Miami. Tickets cost $10. Age 21 and up. 305-456-5613;

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Christine Borges