Overtown's 13-Year-Old Crooner Gibbor Green Has a Crush and He's Gonna Sing About It

Gibbor Green may be only 13 years old. But this little crooner knows what he's doing and where he's going. With 8,961 likes on Facebook, this eighth grader is not your typical middle-school kid. Green is more stylish than a tiny Andre 3000, he's got a sweet set of pipes, and he's on the fast track to stardom.

Next week, he'll be launching an adorable video for his song "Crush." It's directed by photographer Maicol Diaz and co-stars kids from the Overtown Youth Center, a nonprofit organization that empowers children and provides them with resources and education. Green also likes to give back and he's building a foundation to provide kids around the world with an education.

We sat down with the future superstar to chat about his cool look, bright future, and Aretha Franklin.

Crossfade: What's your favorite thing about singing? 

Gibbor Green: My favorite thing about singing is I see other people do it and then it empowers me to do it more. I always liked singing, I don't know why, but that's why I kept doing it.

Have you been singing since you were a little kid? 

Since I was two.

Does anyone else in your family sing? 

My whole family.

Gibbor Singing Grenade from Bruno Mars from Gibbor Green on Vimeo.

What is the first song you learned? 

"I Want You Back" by Michael Jackson.

Do you dance, too? 

I'm getting more into the dancing. I'm just practicing more and doing it every day.

Who wrote the song "Crush?"

Teflon. But I wrote some of it, the hooks.

Do you actually have a crush on the girl in the "Crush" video

We picked from the school [Overtown Youth Center]. It wasn't a girl I had a crush on. It was the director's choice.

Where'd you grow up? 

I grew up in Overtown. I've seen a lot of crazy things. But for me, going through that past life makes me enjoy this life even more.

Gibbor Behind The Scenes from Gibbor Green on Vimeo.

Do you want to be really famous one day? How do you feel about the business you're entering?

I feel pretty good about it. I see me on the stage and millions and millions of fans are screaming my name. That's what I'm trying to get to.

And why not? Are you the mastermind behind the cool outfits you wear? 

Not entirely. I get the clothes and then I put it together. (His manager, "He's got style!")

It's a good look. Do you have any contemporary artists you listen to? 

Neo and Chris Brown.

Do you have a favorite musical memory, someone you met? 

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