Otto Von Schirach, Pepe Billete Talk "Tipo Tropical," Shot in Pablo Escobar's Mansion

¿Que es un "Tipo Tropical"?

Well, just ask Cuban puppet and Miami media mogul Pepe Billete: "Imagine it like this ... If you went to sleep tonight and were visited by the morronga fairy and tomorrow you woke up with five additional inches added to both the length and diameter of your pinga, what kind of guy do you think you'd be after three years? That's un tipo tropical.'"

Or as electronic musician and 305 genius Otto Von Shirach says: "It's an elegant, wise outlaw, who's seen it all. Always calm, like a tiger. Always tropical."

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Of course, it's also the title of Von Schirach's latest single and music video.

Directed by Julian Yuri Rodriguez and Billete, the three-minute, 22-second clip stars Otto as el titular "Tipo Tropical," alongside a short, mysterious sidekick. "Esa es la Chiki, meng," Pepe explains. "She's from the city. She raps. she's amazing."

Other cast members include Gio Profera (AKA chonga drag queen Juleisy), Miami nightlife pro Veronica Gessa, and fashion designer Julian Consuegra, as well as Nayib Estefan, son of Gloria and Emilio.

A cinematic riff on Miami Vice, film-noir classic Kiss Me Deadly, homemade porn, and "me," Billete reveals, "in 1985," this short vid -- soundtracked by Von Schirach's retro-futuristic tiki-tiki, boom-boom -- tells the tale of two shady, totally Miami street types who travel by foot, escalator, and motorboat to transport a small valise from Bayfront Marketplace to Ocean Drive, Star Island, and finally "the Miami Beach waterfront mansion of the most infamous drug kingpin in history, Pablo Escobar."

As Otto synopsizes: "Tipo Tropical and Chiki have a limited amount of time to deliver an important briefcase to a Miami boss or something disruptive will happen that can affect the balance of the world."

But what's in the fucking briefcase, bro?

"I can't tell u," Von Schirach insists. And Pepe sneers: "Ven aca chico pero tu eres policia o que vola?"

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