Novalima Performing at Transit Lounge With Afro-Kumbe Tonight

These days, we're all about being green, recycling and repurposing.. And we all know that's nothing new to the world of entertainment. Whether we're talking about doo-wop hooks fueling the engines of today hip-hop heat seekers or less admirable refurbishing (the new A Team, anyone?), taking something old and making it shiny and new isn't exactly reinventing the wheel. Or is it?

It certainly might be in the case of Novalima. Unless you can think of another group that's taken Afro-Peruvian roots and given them a dance floor-friendly makeover using modern methods and styles like electronica.

"A lot of times the traditional music loses favor in the younger generations, because of the diversity and accessibility of styles and genres available to them," explains founding member Ramon Perez-Prieto. "The Afro-Peruvian roots were being lost locally and they weren't being disseminated globally."

He goes on to say, "The fusion we've achieved makes it possible for us to present it in a much more contemporary, accessible and attractive styles both in Peru and to the public of the world."

All of Novalima won't actually be performing at Transit Lounge tonight, but Perez-Prieto will be in the house throwing down a serious DJ set, which he promises will create cultural-musical conscience. It also promises to make you shake your ass. And that the Locos Por Juana crew will be on hand a la Afro-Kumbé (AKA, throwing down their own DJ set thang) only sweetens the ass-shaking pot.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.