Nonpoint Announces U.S. Headlining Tour, But Skips South Florida

Remember Nonpoint, the local groove-based hard rock act? They had that hit single, "Bullet With a Name," a couple years back?

Well, they may be forgetting their lil' ol' fans in South Florida at the moment. The band boasts real mainstream success, having landed on Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart some seven times since 2001. But they've been local staples for close to a decade, flying the South Florida flag around town, getting a lot of love in return from local "active rock" station 93 ROCK, and recently signing to local upstart label Bieler Bros., based in Pompano Beach.

So why, then, are they dissing their hometown on their upcoming national headlining tour? The label recently announced that starting in October, the band will hit the road in the main slot with 12 Stones (featuring Paul McCoy, the dude on Evanescence's "Bring Me To Life") and A New Revolution (from Austin, Texas). The tour kicks off in Atlanta, but after that, the closest they'll get is Daytona Beach, on October 18. To which I have one word in response: lame! -- Arielle Castillo

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