No Name's Lorraine Sangre Talks Throne of Blood's Quarterly Residency at Electric Pickle

In case you didn't know, Electric Pickle has a new H.B.I.C.

Meet Lorraine Sangre, director of marketing and booking. She's also the lady behind the venue's monthly party No Name.

What exactly is No Name? Well, to be awesomely vague, it's everything you want in a party with none of the empty calories.

It's been building quite a buzz. And tonight, it's introducing a quarterly residency by Brooklyn-based label Throne of Blood.

Kicking things off will be label artists Populette and their sleek-yet-hazy analog sounds.

But let's hand it over to Sangre who was kind enough to explain to us a little more about Pickle's No Name monthly party and what else she has in store for our favorite Wynwood dance club.

Crossfade: What's the concept behind the No Name monthly party?
Lorraine Sangre: I want to cultivate an awareness and appreciation for the roots of house and techno and the contemporary sounds that are inspired by and draw from that. I wanted a vessel to celebrate these and other sounds. No Name is both these things.

My briefest description of the party is "haus, techno, and beyond" -- the focus reflected there being classic house, techno, acid, Chicago, Detroit ...  The beyond in that equation are the other sounds that provide influence and might be incorporated.

My ideal vision is to have the party be a destination for people who come without reservation, to allow themselves to be set free by the music and trust the deejays to help them do so.

How did the residency with Throne of Blood come about?
I've been a supporter of the label since its inception. It was co-founded by my dear friend James Friedman along with The Rapture guys. A bunch of pals are on the label or have had releases on the label (Dances With White Girls, Populette, Gabe Andruzzi).  Because of my belief in the label and its artists, it was top on my list of things I wanted to bring down here.  

Throne of Blood just had a label night at Fabric, the seminal dance music club in London. That's huge, yet probably not many in Miami know about them. But I want everyone to! Kind of a no-brainer. I have a ton of friends all over the world doing cool shit that people in Miami should know about.

Miami nightlife can be fickle. How is the No Name/Throne of Blood party different from what's already out there?
There are no other parties in Miami that promote the vibe and aesthetic that I am trying to perpetuate. This why I had to create No Name.  

It's really my hope to foster a musical curiosity in Miami that results in an eventual trust that there's so much amazing music that you might not know about but could love. The reality is that because what I want doesn't quite so specifically exist in here, it will take more work for it to flourish. But I'm committed to making it so, and I think the payoff of accomplishing that will be well worth it.

My aim with the ToB residency (and any future residencies I embark on) is to showcase their talents and build an audience for them in Miami. And of course, use that as a excuse to have my friends come visit me.  

Tell us a little bit about Populette.
Populette are Max Pask and Andrew Potter. I met both through the aforementioned Friedman. They are two friends who live in Brooklyn and make music together. They've released several twelve-inches on Throne of Blood and have a number of releases on other labels coming up as well. They've got many cool remixes under their belts for artists like The Rapture, Jessica 6, Murphy Jax, and a ton more on the way. Currently, they're working on developing a live set, which I'm really looking forward to hearing and seeing in the future.

What's the mystery behind you? What do you have in store for the Pickle?
I can't very well unveil the shroud altogether on our first interview, can I? A snippet: I'm from here. I lived in New York for about six years. And in being back here, there's a lot I've learned about and experienced that, at least musically, I want to share with Miami, seeing as how it's where I currently reside.

Music is my religion and I'm just trying to preach the gospel, both via No Name and every opportunity I have to program or seek bookings for the Pickle. I plan on curating more residencies with labels and collectives whose vision and efforts I respect, in the hopes that I can help build a vibrant scene that I felt was missing.

No Name and Throne of Blood Presents Orgy of Blood with Populette and Lorraine Sangre. Thursday, May 31. Electric Pickle, 2826 North Miami Avenue, Miami. Doors at 10 p.m. electricpicklemiami.com.

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